Ediciones El Pais 2000

Aunuario El Pais, since its first edition in 1982 until it current eighteenth year, has managed to consolidate the essential reading to know and assess the political, social, sport and economic events, both national and international, which have occurred throughout the year.
Anuario el Pais 2000 in CD-ROM contains 752 statistical tables, in alphabetical order, useful to know, instantly, the data of interest on any matter that occurred in 1999
The main innovations that Anuario el Pais 2000 offers ranges from the creation of a special chapter devoted exclusively to the internet, all final results of municipal elections and European regional meetings in June, and mayors from more than 8,000 spanish municipalities, making a complete and exhaustive list of the 624 sites proclaimed by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Furthermore, an important year, in sporting terms, the year 2000 could not miss the European Football Championships to be held in Belgium and the Netherlands from 10 June, or the Olympic Games, which will be held in Sydney (Australia) next September.

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