As with each year, this new publication reveals the extraordinary diversity of topics inscribed in the country’s collective memory, but which require no less of a revival in our minds in a new light. Such as, in 2010, the anniversaries of the birth of Barnard Palissy, the assassination of Henry IV, or the no less tragic death of Albert Camus. The creation of institutions and administrative decisions are nowadays part of our landscape of familiarity that it is good to recall also their origins and purposes, be it the 50 year anniversary of the Ministry of Culture, celebrated with great pomp last year, or that of URSAFF (Organizations for the Payment of Social Security and Family Benefit Contributions) this year. Finally, it’s worth noting that some things of modest appearance have however entered into daily life, such as the Tour de France, or the invention of the Roberval Balance, remembered not long ago, or Centenary of the creation of the metro line under the river Seine, which occurs this year.

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