Eleonora Berti

The Cultural Routes program was established by the Council of Europe in order to allow the citizens of a Europe still divided rediscover their common roots and identity, promoting the values and objectives of the Council of Europe, such as the participatory democracy, the Human Rights, the right to the culture, the rule of law.
The European Landscape Convention also promotes the values of the Council of Europe and “landscapeâ€? is defined as an integral part of local and collective identity of Europe.
Landscape and routes are intimately linked: the routes cross rural, urban, suburban, industrial contexts, and even coastal landscapes, showing to the travelers the particularities and at the same time the fragility of the landscapes.
The research aims to establish a methodology to create a landscape project for the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, which does not neglect the value and the meaning that the Council of Europe assigns to both these elements: landscape, identity context that embodies and expresses the stratification of the historical, social, economic heritage, and cultural routes, narrative elements for the memories and for the multiple identities of Europe.

The book was published with the support of Fonds National de la Recherche, Luxembourg.

Firenze University Press
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208 pages