Jacques Huntzinger

“the Mediterranean, where intelligence is intimately related to the blinding light of the sunâ€?, said Camus. War and peace, borders and mobilisation, tradition and progress, identity and plurality, conflict or dialogue between civilisations: nowadays, as before, the future of the world is played out on the coasts of that sea, the crossroads of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which, for 3 thousand years, has been a powerhouse of humanity.

From Moses and Homer to Braudel, from Jesus and Mohammed to Huntington, but also from Herodotus o Nasser and Ben Gourion, here is the great historical, cultural and political chronicle, from Mare Nostrum where the past lights the way for the present. A story that celebrates the people that moulded it, be they Phoenicians, Jews, Greeks, Barbarians, Romans, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Italians, Spanish or French. A story that shows how the confrontations between cities, kingdoms, empires, colonisations and decolonisations have not prevented commerce, mankind, forms nor ideas from growing. A chronicle, last but by no means least, marked by the confluence of the sun and the olive tree, of the convergence of Agora and Medina.

Justice, democracy, the role of women in society, relation to the transcendent; philosophical, literary and artistic traditions: what are, from one coast to the next, the factors that divide the Mediterranean, contrarily, unify it?

In answering this question and many more, by picking apart the great debates and major observations upon Mediterranean thinking, Jacques Huntzinger, in a brilliant, passionate and lucid overview, urges us not to yield before fate.


272 pages
Format: 15 x 23 cm