The International Journal of Intangible Heritage is a refereed academic and professional English journal dedicated to the promotion of the understanding of all aspects of the intangible heritage in the world, and the communication of research and examples of good professional practice. Proposals for contributions to future volumes of the Journal are actively sought from professionals and specialists worldwide.

“Intangible heritage has been passed down from generation to generation through the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge and skills of communities, groups and individuals. The Journal is a medium through which we can contribute to safeguarding not only intangible heritage but also cultural diversity in the global village, where diverse cultures, I believe, should co-exist, share and show mutual respect. Intangible heritage has been recognized internationally as the driver of the power of cultural diversity and has made inter-cultural dialogue a priority. Thus we now see there should not be one dominant culture that people look up to, or a minor league of cultures on which people look down. I am certain that the journal, through a wide international readership, promotes our sharing and respecting of diverse cultures.â€?

Dr. Cheon Jingi,
Chairperson, Advisory Committee
Director-General, National Folk Museum of Korea

The National Folk Museum of Korea
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123 pages