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Alsatian Jewish cuisine is part of a secular tradition, renewed over the centuries by the arrival of Jewish communities coming from Eastern Europe and North Africa. These days, its traditional, ritual and symbolic value is far from having disappeared, and it is a founding element of the identity of Alsatian Judaism (“You are what you eatâ€?).
The rediscovery of the meals typically eaten by parents or grandparents is a continuation of sorts of the genealogy, a way of placing yourself in history, of finding childhood flavours again. Knowledge of such traditional recipes is indispensable for the younger generations, especially in relation to health, economy, reputation and the family’s place in the symbolic universe of Judaism.
Almost eighty recipes – covering all stages of a meal – accompany this history of Jewish cuisine in Alsace: from poppy bread to French toast, passing by great traditional recipes such as carpe à la juive, beetroot soup, meatballs, Jewish sauerkraut, stuffed veal breast, kugel with pears, rice cakes with fruit…
Derived from Alsatian tradition, this collection also includes numerous recipes originating from the communities of Eastern Europe (borsch, tchoulent, Hungarian goulash, stuffed carp, blinzes…) and North Africa (pepper salad, meat briks, veal stew, couscous, dafina…)
Suggestions of menus for the main celebrations of the Jewish calendar (Shabbat Pessah, Chavouoth, Roch Hachana…) are also included.

Traditional cooking – Another dialogue of the Jew with man, with the universe and with God
Feast menus - Shabbat, Pessah, Chavouoth, Roch Hachana, Kippour, Souccot, Hanoucca, Pourim
Recipes of Alsatian Jewish cuisine – Bread and hors-d’oeuvres; Soups; Starters; Fish; Eggs; Meat and poultry; Desserts
Our grandmothers’ Alsatian Jewish cooking
Index of recipes

La Nuée Bleue
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