Lorette Coen

Lausanne, in Switzerland, opened its public and private spaces twice in 1997 and 2000 – roads, squares, roofs, facades, various wastelands – experiences and reflection on the city through gardens. This research was organised under the title Lausanne Gardens which lies primarily in the international ideas competition which selects landscapers, artists, architects, planners, designers, and other professionals in the gardens and the city, who are called to intervene. This specificity is then carried out onto the site: the gardens (34 first, 29 second) are achieved in reality in the city, and are directly available for use and enjoyment for the residents and not in an abstract protected place, like a big park for example.

Professional event surrounded by symposia, conferences, exhibitions, films and videos, with an animation that nurtures artistic and social information and open debate among citizens, Lausanne Jardins doubles as a highly participatory experience. Surprised by the new interpretation of the city presented to them, the townspeople follow its progress and engage in it often, that a parallel initiative, which through voluntary work, a landscape design that is spontaneous.

Association Jardin Urbain
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