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Along the notes arise a beauty of sounds, harmony, echoing chords, symphony of sound colours, happiness through music, be it performed or heard. Exactly what is aimed at by the two State-supported orchestras of Luxembourg which are introduced here: the «Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg» and the «Solistes Européens, Luxembourg
Editor : Ministère de la Culture, Luxembourg», the first being about a hundred musicians strong, specializing in the big symphonic repertoire, the second ranking among the chamber orchestras in spite of being sufficiently staffed to perform works of Mozart or Beethoven.
For the first time the two orchestras present –together, but separately, each one playing its field – an album of two cds containing a choice of their recordings. By these means, they want to show that the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg is not but the centre of important European culture having at its disposal two outstanding orchestras the worth of which is recognised as well by the best conductors as by the critics and the public of all the European towns they had the opportunity to perform concerts in. By the way, the Academy Charles Cros has recently awarded the «Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg» with the «Grand Prix International du Disque, 1997». Such an award cannot be misleading. It shows how much each of the musicians of both orchestras is conscious of their goal and considers himself responsible for the success of the whole orchestra. This is the kind of spirit which shows them the right way towards their future.

Tchaikowsky – Romeo et Juliette (Ouverture Fantasie)
Lutoslawsky – Symphonie N°4 (1992)
Stravinsky – Scherzo à la russe (version symphonique)
Moussorgsky – Un nuit sur le mont chauve
Mozart – Allegro con spirito
Mozart – Andante
Mozart – Menuetto
Mozart – Finale presto
Boccherini – Allegro
Boccherini – Adagio
Boccherini – Allegro assai
Beethoven – Adagio molto allegro con brio
Beethoven – Larghetto
Beethoven – Scherzo. Allegro
Beethoven – Allegretto molto

Eugène Prim
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