Pierre Bouet, Henry Decaëns, Juliane Hervieu, Vincent Juhel, Gaële de La Brosse, Thérèse Le Jeune

Le Mont Saint Michel attracts visitors from around the world in search for beauty and spirituality. But this high place was primarily a sacred shrine for pilgrimage. For thirteen centuries, the pilgrims who went there traced a large network of ‘mountainous roads’. These old paths are the subject of a spectacular renaissance.

After presenting the different facets of Saint Michel, this book brings to life the passionate history of this pilgrimage. It also gives practical advice on the nine routes which come together at the shrine in Normandy, to the discovery of an unspoiled heritage which is very rich but often overlooked.

To a walker, to a pilgrim, it is merely something curious, which allows the paths of Mont to come about, and distinguish its secrets.

DDB Pelerin
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