Zdravko Perger

This CD presents only a small part of Slovenian folk songs, that our grandfathers and grandmothers sang on special ocacasions when song accompanied country dances and good food and wine, but also during many a quiet evening at home. Why forget who we are, what we are and where we came from? Let us join in a song.

Under the Čven Hill I abide
Upon the lake under the Triglav
As many drops as there are years
All but wine we Sloevians sell
I greet thee, jug of wine
If casks would not be
Little old chap
A hill I will buy and vine I will plant
Aye, Wine is my one joy
Green in my Štajerska region
I married in haste and now I repent
You missed all those hours
My scythe is old and crooked
From the tower of the bell tolls
Song of birth
I’d like to see it only once
Alone in the world I wander
In silent wood the hunter is walking
Why are you so sad
Where are those paths

dream studio
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