Ioan Opris

The heritage of Romanic folk traditions has its roots in the archaic pre-Christian European civilizations, some of the ancient Thracian-Dacian and Dacian-Rinab origins, and it has also been generated by interethnic contexts, by contacts with neighbouring ethnic groups and peoples in the area. Many of the Romanian’s customs, traditions and beliefs are linked to the occupations and environment that have defined and secured their lives generation upon generation. Other customs, numerous and highly significant too, have sprung from the Christian belief, which spread in this territory at the very beginning of Christianity.
The celebrations around the year that marks the calendar are in fact the living mirror of Romanian philosophy. People have been involved in observing all these rites and celebrations for ages, which certainly shaped and fed a sense of community life and identity.
Tradition and celebration have been continuously linked and experienced intensively on both individual and community levels: they mark people’s attachment to a greater cosmic cycle.

Fundatia Culturala Romana
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