Geert Mak

Europe is a journey. Geert Mak and Andrzej Stasiuk provide, through their journey in Europe, faith in the places which give heritage to this continent, and became as much a geography as an idea.
With a European Tour through the twentieth century he had a handbook of European history, walking around the capital cities or villages that have seen history of the continent to vibrate, a meditation on the meaning of a common destiny, the tomb for the millions of deaths a century murderer's book Geert Mak was striking, inspiring and unusual proportions.

The Dutch journalist, sent by his newspaper throughout 1999 to make an inventory of the continent at the turn of the century, has mixed the investigations of our societies and their past to decipher their meaning in the history of Europe. Geert Mak opens its journey through Paris, capital of Expo 1900, closes on Sarajevo in 1999.

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