Dubourg (Jean-François), Damase (Joël)

They have given human figures to the animals, small and large, that look over us from the heights of a roof, a ceiling, passing by the fabulous springs and the luxurious vegetation which has sometimes invaded the floors and walls of the most beautiful thermal establishments...

From the mathematical beauty of geometric lines and the play on lights offered by glass roofs, arches or stained-glass windows to the clean architectural lines of our contemporary palaces and the exoticism created by the unbounded imagination of the architects of spa town...

We are inviting you to a travel via this book which is not an architectural treatise or an exhaustive inventory but rather a book of pictures to (re)discover in detail the superb thermal heritage of our Spa towns of Massif Central.

Route des viles d'eaux Massif Central Editions
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Book with a lot of pictures, their places and the names of the artist or architect