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Six magnificent volumes explaining in a clear and direct way where we are coming from, an invitation to discover Europe.

European Cultural Routes is a collection of 6 luxurious volumes that collects 18 routes selected by the Council of Europe. Each volume presents in more than 300 pages all the necessary information to follow all these routes. Art, landscapes, religion, nature and culture band together to explain and make us live our own history.

In each of the six volumes of the work European Cultural Routes we will visit three routes:

In Pilgrimage route we will follow the Route of Santiago, the Via Francigena, from Canterbury to Rome and we will cross Europe for Via Regia, from Kiev to Santiago.

In Coastal routes we will navigate for the Phoenicians Route, the Vikings Route and we will meet the commercial routes from the north of Europe.

The volume Landscapes without borders includes routes of beauty of European rural architecture, parks and gardens, landscape culture and the routes of the olive tree in the Mediterranean.

Heritage and civilization will introduce us in the military architecture fortifications, the iron road in the Pyrenees to end up discovering the heritage of Al-Andalus.

In Creators of the European identity we will meet one of the European identity creators, Saint Martin of Tours, the patron of pilgrimages, we will be amazed in front of Mozart, the route of a great genius and we will discover in Giasca le German Leonardo da Vinci.

In the sixth volume The spiritual heritage of Europe we will travel to the Monastery of Urchini, the epic Benedictina, we will search the relation between the Castellan and Sephardic language and we will discover the Jewish heritage.

In the same edition you will find two DVD:

The DVD History of Europe is an essential tool to open our home, thanks to the last technologies in communication, to the 21st century Europe; from our desktop we can surf over more than 21 centuries of history, a simple and pleasant way to know the acts, the characters and the nations that will play the leading role in the history of Europe.

The reference guide is an essential tool and easy to manage which will allow an easy access to all the contents of the work. Localise, see, deepen, with a unique objective, enjoying the work.

Discover Europe are four ambitious audiovisual collections which form together one of the most suggestive proposals until now to know our continent. The work contains 15 DVDs each of 1 hour that gather 20 of the most prestigious documentaries in the world of television like “EUROPA Desde el Aireâ€?, the newest visual adventure from BBC, 10 reports which will show us a new Europe.

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Six volumes + two DVD