• 2018 EU-China Tourism Year - Opening event

    The Council of Europe and the European Institute of Cultural Routes support 2018 EU-China Tourism Year (ECTY).

    Decided in 2016 by the President of the European Commission and the Chinese Prime Minister and furtehr defined at the 2017 EU China Summit, ECTY is meant to promote lesser-known destination, improve travel and tourism experiences, provide opportunitites to increase economic cooperation, create an incentive to make quick progress on EU-China visa facilitation and air connectivity.

    The opening event of ECTY, "Venice Business Summit", is taking place today in Venice, Italy. 

    Mr Stefano DOMINIONI, Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes and Executive Secretary of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes, has been invited to participate in the event and to join the breakaway session "Developing tailor-made cultural tourism itineraries".


    During the event, Venice Council member for Tourism, Ms Paola Mar, expressed the commitment to establish a European Silk Road with the city of Venice as its headquarter and several European countries and cities as its members. The European Silk Road will be seeking a future certification as "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe". The Council member furthermore seized to opportunity to reiterate the willingness to welcome new members to this project and to stress the objective of developing a new type of cultural tourism, which is consistent with the principles of integration, participation and sustainability. The next meeting of the network will be organised in the framework of the grant agreement European Union - Council of Europe on regional development and Cultural Routes.