• Funding opportunity within the framework of Europe for Citizens

    Europe for Citizens is the EU 2014-2020 programme, aiming at contributing to citizens' understanding of the EU, its history and diversity and at fostering European citizenship  and improving conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level. The financed projects are expected to raise awareness of remeberance of the EU and EU's aim to promote peace, the fundamental values of the EU and the well-being of its peoples; encourage the democratic and civic participation of citizens at EU level, developing their understanding of policy-making process and stimulating their interest in getting involved.

    The programme covers the following 2 strands and related measures:

    1. European rememberance: European remeberance projects;

    2. Democratic engagement and civic participation: Town Twinning, Networks of Towns - Civil Society Projects.


    The call for proposals EACEA 40/2017: Europe for Citizens programme - action grants 2018 might be of interest for the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. 

    The total budget earmarked for the call is as follows:

    - European Remeberance projects EUR 3.7. million

    - Town Twinning EUR 4.6 million

    - Network of Towns EUR 4.5. million

    - Civil Society Projects EUR 3.5. million.

    The levels of grants awarded as well as the duration of projects vary according to the measures.

    The deadlines for the submission of application are as follow:

    - European Rememberance projects 1st march 2018

    - Town Twinning 1st March 2018 and 3rd September 2018

    - Network of Towns 1st March 2018 and 3rd September 2018

    - Civil Society Projects 1st March 2018


    For more information about Europe for Citizens and about the call mentioned above.