• Meeting with "Héloïse - itinéraire des pédagogues européens" at the EICR

    On 30th January, Stefano Dominioni, Executive Secretary of the Enlarged Partial Agreement and Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes, the EPA and EICR staff met with some representatives of "Héloïse - itinéraire des pédagogues européens", in order to discuss their project and the necessary developments, in view of a possible future candidacy as "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe".

    The association Héloïse promotes the European heritage concerning the history and methods of pedagogy in Europe, since the Renassaince up to today and sheds the lights on eminent pedagogues, who, through education, aimed at conveying democratic shared values.

    Meirieu Philippe (Héloïse President), Riondet Xavier (Héloïse Vice-President) and Guillaume Françoise, Itildebrand Rémy, Allison Jean-Jacques, Bugnard Pierre-Philippe, Vaniscotte Francine, Montané Mireia attended the meeting, representing Héloïse.


    More info about the project: http://pedagogues-heloise.eu