• New internship opportunity


    The internship at the European Institute of Cultural Routes allows you to discover the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, taking a closer look and acquiring an understanding on the certification process, on their structure and mission, on their work for protecting and promoting the diversity of European cultural heritage. The internship at the European Institute of Cultural Routes is both an educational as well as a professional constructive experience.

    Who can apply?

    Students enrolled in a graduate or post-graduate degree program in a European university or equivalent institution at the time of application.

    Applicants must be undertaking studies in areas related to EICR fields of competence or in other areas which support EICR’s work.




    Intern’s profile:

    Specialization in social studies (cultural studies, communication, journalism, tourism, politics) and/or management and administration.

    Intern’s tasks:

    - Research on the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe presence in specific countries and regions

    - Research on existing cultural routes projects in specific countries and regions

    - Contribute to the preparation of working documents and publications

    - Support the organization of conferences and meetings

    - Contribute to the communication strategy

    - Support the everyday work at the EICR, including administrative tasks and logistical support

    Internship duration: 3 September- 30 November 2018.

    Languages: English and French.


    Bear in mind:

    - Financial support: interns receive 300€/month of financial support. All costs related to travel, insurance, accommodation and living expenses must be borne either by the interns or their university.

    - Documents required: framework agreement between the university and the European Institute of Cultural Routes; internship agreement for the specific internship experience to be signed by the student, the university and the European Institute of Cultural Routes. It is responsibility of the student to understand which are the procedures envisaged by his/her university.

    - Medical insurance: Interns are responsible for being insured during the internship period. Interns must show proof of a valid major medical insurance coverage.

    - Visa: Interns are responsible for obtaining and financing any necessary visas.

    - Confidentiality: Any and all unpublished information obtained during the course of the internship must be kept confidential, and interns may not publish any reports or papers based on this information.

    - Academic credit: Some institutions of higher education award academic credit for internship programs. Interns should check with their university to confirm its credit policy.


    How to apply?

    Send your application in English or French (cv+cover letter) to irdelle.lagnide@culture-routes.lu .

    Deadline for submission of application: 31th July 2018.