Rares Kerekes, painter

From learning to teaching

Rares Kerekes is born and still lives in Sighişoara. In life, he spent most of his time painting. He likes also travelling, and is a teacher in Sighişoara in the course for education of art. He transmits his passion to pupils drawing and painting with them. For the most interested ones, apart from school on Saturdays, he also has an atelier where the children can learn the technique of oil on canvas, Rares’ favorite one.
But Rares uses different techniques. At the University of Art in Cluj-Napoca it was for him the occasion to meet people sharing the same passion, trying and learning different methods.


As he was a child, he would watch the older painters of its native town, getting curious, the masters would give him a pencil and some paper and he would start drawing as he was 10 years old. Also using their technique of diluted tar, it would offer him the chance to work on the old color, a mix of yellow and brown, what would continue to animate him in the next years. He would add its style, using graphic touches to go further than what he was taught.

A special thematic
Rares Kerekes

Nowadays, Rares still uses charkel and paintbrush. And oil on canvas most of time. For his first personal exhibition during the night of the museum in the famous clock tower of Sighişoara in May 2009, he proposed an ensemble around the thematic of the fortified churches. Indeed, he wanted to give something from his heart, which means from Sighişoara and around. He painted numerous fortified churches.

Exhibition at

Rares likes painting the Nature, the hills, forests that he transforms with his feelings, using most of time warm colors. Colors are for him very important, as they enlighten the dark and light he tried to capture. Indeed, as the impressionists, he likes specific moments of the day, always painting in the day-time, his favorite one is around 5-6 o’clock in autumn, as the old color is the best to be seen.

Having regards for all the world famous Impressionists, he highly considers Nicolae Grigorescu and Stefan Luchian. But the most important is the "expressivity", making it in its own way is what animates him every day.
In his recent trip to Salzburg, Rares could capture the natural surroundings, but also the most important monuments, the architecture. One of his goals is to show the people that architecture is not so much better than in his original town. Because indeed, if the system or the cleanliness in Sighişoara is not as it is in Salzburg, the value of the heritage is exactly the same.

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