University Network of Cultural Routes Studies (NCRS) meeting

On the 10th and 11th January, some representatives from the universities members of NCRS (Network on Cultural Routes Studies) gathered at the European Institute of Cultural Routes Studies premises, in order to discuss about various issues concerning the structure and the development of the Network. 

Jordi Tresserras (University of Barcelona), Yoel Mansfeld (University of Haifa), Alessia Mariotti (University of Bologna) and, via skype, Giorgia Frongia (University of Macerata), Maria Gravari-Barbas (University of Paris Sorbonne 1), Mike Robinson (University of Birmingham) had a constructive exchange and discussion with Mr Dominioni (EICR Director, EPA Executive Secretary), EPA and EICR staff. 

Among the main issues on the agenda, possible joint ventures within the framework of Horizon2020 calls for prosposals on tourism and heritage, were explored. In this respect the universities' representatives had also the chance to meet Benjamin Questier (Head of European Funding, Luxinnovation, the EICR partner to answer to H2020 calls).

The participants in the meeting put forth proposals concerning events to be organised, relating to respectively the 20th Anniversary of the EICR and 2018  European Year of Cultural Heritage.