The Network for Cultural Routes Studies (NCRS) is a platform for exchanges and mobility for students and researchers, and ensure a permanent interaction between EICR, Universities and Cultural Routes on the theme of cultural routes of the Council of Europe.

In the frame of the NCRS, the Institute created an internship programme for the students of the member Universities, in strong cooperation with the Council of Europe cultural routes managers and the Universities.

Students have the possibility to spend part of their intership at the EICR (Luxembourg) and at various locations which are part of the Council of Europe’s cultural routes, according to their fields of research and to the availability of the Cultural Routes.

The archives and the library of the EICR are available for students and researchers.



At the moment the following Universities and research centers are members of NCRS:

Luxembourg University (Luxembourg),

IREST, University Paris 1 Sorbonne (France),

LABPACT, Barcelona University (Spain),

CAST, Bologna University (Italy),

Ironbridge Institute, Birmingham University (United Kingdom)

INTOUR, Bedfordshire (United Kingdom),

IPAC, University of Laval, Québec (Canada),

Haifa University (Israel).

Saint Petersbourg State University of Culture and Arts (Russian Federation)

Università di Macerata (Italy)