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Program of the Luxembourg presidency in culture and audiovisual
Program of the Luxembourg presidency in culture and audiovisual
Présidence luxembourgeoise du conseil de L'union européenne
Guide of an European cultural city
Siegfried Seifer
La revue de l’Histoire n°58
Quarterly – September / October / November 2010
The Kalebasse 19
From Essen to Santiago
Living History around the Baltic Sea
A guide to Viking sites, museums and monuments.
Old Scatness Excavation Manual
A case study in archaeological recording
Val E Turner et Louise D Brown
Shetland soapstone since prehistory
Soapstone is a metamorphic rock, composed of the mineral talc, a hydrated magnesium sulphate, and varying quantities of other minerals.
Amanda K Forster et Val E Turner
The Icelandic Sagas and Oral Tradition in the Nordic world
A guide to Saga sites and areas
The routes of El Legado andalusí
Travelling exhibition
Augusto Moreno
Citetur – Cultural Route of Almorávides and Almohades
Travel guide
Fundación Pública Andaluza El legado andalusí
Eng Verfassung fir Europa
Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe
Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Ad Limina II
Yearly research magazine of the Way of St. James and the pilgrimages

Volume II
Xunta de Galicia
Textile Art n° 5
11 artist portraits

N° 5 1982
Textile Art
Et si on inversait les pôles ?
Et si on inversait les pôles ?… quand notre Europe se réveillera
A. Danzin, J-L Feltz, J. Masurel
Santiago - A viaxe continúa
The trip continues
Xunta de Galicia
Bibliografía Jacobea I (Hasta 1993)
Bibliography of Saint James I
Xacobeo Galicia
Ad Limina I
Yearly research magazine of the Way of St. James and the pilgrimages

Volume I
Ad Limina
Programa Xacobeo 2010
Concerts, exhibitions, storytelling, theatre
Bibliografía Jacobea II (1994-2001)
This volume covers the period between 1994 and 2001.
Xacobeo Galicia
Xacobeo 2004
Jubilee Year of Santiago de Compostela
Xunta de Galicia
Xacobeo 93
The Galician Year
Xunta de Galicia
Xacobeo ‘99
Xunta de Galicia
Arquitecturas en el Camino, 1994-2004
Xunta de Galicia Edition
Xunta de Galicia
Caminos de Santiago
The St James Ways
Xerardo Rodríguez
Wine routes
International culture tourism routes of Azerbaijan
Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Discovering the Terre Sicane
Travel guide
Terre Sicane
Women – 5000 years for equality
N° 245 – July August 2000
Via Regia plus
Sustainable mobility and Regional Cooperation along the Pan-European Transport Corridor III

Studies and results
Via Regia
Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe
The Cultural Routes programme was launched within the Council of Europe in 1987 at the initiative of the Council for cultural cooperation (CDCC).
Conseil de l'Europe
Le Patrimoine campanaire fribourgeois
N° 174/2012
Pro Fribourg
Les Chemins de la Mémoire – n° 223 – February 2012
A magazine of “Ministère de la Défense et des Anciens Combattantsâ€? (FR)
Ministère de la Défense et des Anciens Combattants
Un conflit entre normes européennes et mémoires nationales
A conflict between European norms and national memoirsThe Hungarian affair in Romania and Slovakia

The Hungarian affair in Romania and Slovakia
Etienne Boisserie
The process in Barcelona: from euro-Mediterranean partnership to intercultural dialogue
Juridical analysis in Law of the European Union
Cosimo Notarstefano
Tourism and religions
A contribution to the dialogue among religions, cultures and civilizations
The rights of the European tourist
Compared juridical analysis within the EU member States
Cosimo Notarstefano
European Heritage days
International symposium – Brussels 22nd –24th April 1999

La Fondation Roi Baudouin
Euromediterranean Master in Culture and Tourism
“Learning from the past, looking at the present, moving into the future.â€?

Student reference guide
Les chemins et l’histoire, N° 2 / 2011
Routes and history
The history of the aviation

Special edition dedicated to aviation
Via Storia
The role of Higher Education in the knowledge society
The role of Higher Education in the knowledge society: policies, processes and orientations in the new EU 2020 strategy
Università degli Studi di Bergamo
Terre entière

Cruises and cultural trips, pilgrimage and spiritual routes 2012
Terre entière
Routes and history, N° 2 / 2007
Alpine transit
Via Storia
Sustainable Historic Towns
Urban Heritage as an Asset of Development (SuHiTo project) - Project Report
National Board of Antiquities, Finland
Social tourism international N° 153
March 2012

Dossier: The role of cooperatives in social tourism
The Routes of the Legacy of al-Andalus
The aim of the Foundation The legacy of al-Andalus is to recover, disseminate and preserve the historical, artistic and architectural heritage of al-Andalus.
Fundacion El legado andalusi
Millenium – Lieux de Mémoire et d’Avenir
A route through 12 places of memory for 12 places of the future
Ministère de la Culture, Luxembourg
A guide to the Malatesta Seignory
Journey in the Rimini Hills
Signoria dei Malatesta
Isola Maggiore
Tourist guide
Ermanno Gambini - Mirko Santanicchia
Activities and achievements
This work has been issued on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Council of Europe
Conseil de l’Europe
90 years of the Hungarian Agricultural Museum
The Hungarian Agricultural Museum has been open on the 12th of September 1987
Dr. Loránd Szabó
Des bases pour comprendre la construction européenne
A European education for everybody
Grundlagen zum Verständnis des europäischen Einigungsprozesses
A European education for everybody
Competitiveness and quality of life
Anthology of projects financed by structural funds in Benelux
Commission Européenne
Carpathian Project
Protection and sustainable development of the Carpathians in a transnational framework
Carpathian Project
Gruissan – Stop in the Mediterranean
Odyssea, the other way of discovering Gruissan
Office de Tourisme Gruissan
European Heritage
Europe, a common heritage
Conseil de l'Europe
International Congress on the art of windmills
The content of this Congress is open to all the windmills art backgrounds that tackle the typology of current windmills and are previously documented.
English Heritage
Parts 1-46
Historic Buildings & Monuments Commission for England
Rota Do Românico Do Vale Do Sousa
This tourist guide brings us a fabulous journey to the “Route of the Romanesque of the Sousa Valleyâ€?.
Comunidade Urbana do Vale do Sousa
The Route of Saint-Jacques
A brochure made by the Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio
Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio
Haute-Loire Department Council
Marquis de Lafayette
Conseil Général Haute-Loire
Routes of Renaissance and Baroque Art in Catalonia
6 Routes
Cathédrales en Lumière
Canterbury Cathedral
Help preserve Canterbury Cathedral. Join the friends!
The Friends of Canterbury Cathedral
The entrepreneurial dimension of the cultural and creative industries
This report was prepared for the European Commission Education & Culture Unit by Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands.
Utrecht School of the Arts
Making knowledge work
Making knowledge work project
EuroArt and its Mission
EuroArt - the European Federation of Artists’ Colonies
European Federation of Artists’ Colonies
Urban Tourism Permanent National Conference
Newsletter n° 3 / December 2010
Conférence Nationale Permanente du Tourisme urbain
Anthropological paradigms in Ancient Greece and archaic Mediterranean
By Georges Gensane, honorary Professor at Perpignan University, Professor at Beyrouth University and President of Thalassa – Cultural Association of Scholar Travelling.
Georges Gensane
Dimitrovgrad Municipality is situated at the very heart of the Upper Thracian Valley, along the course of the river Maritsa.
Dimitrovgrad Municipality
VIA REGIA Feasibility study
“European city – and culture tourism – Thuringian chain-of-towns as part of the European Cultural Route VIA REGIAâ€?
Initiative Via Regia – European cultural route
Information material
Via Regia
The Picturesque Zlin Region
Zlin, Czech Republic, is a special city. It has the marked charm of the industrial architecture, a symmetrical layout and right angles and a large factory in the centre.
The Routes of Memory- N° 221 December 2011
Ministère de la Défense et des Anciens Combattants
50 Sept / N° 16 2011
Biannual magazine on arts and culture in Moselle
Conseil Général de la Moselle
Via Regia initiative – European cultural route
Documentation N° 1
Via Regia
Social Tourism International
N° 152 October 2011

Information magazine of the Social Tourism International Organization
Initiative Via Regia – European cultural route
Information brochure n°1/ 2006
Via Regia
How Australia may commemorate the ANZAC Centenary
The National Commission on the Commemoration of the ANZAC* Centenary

March 2011

*Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
Casa Dei Routes in French-speaking Switzerland
Booklet of Casa Dei Routes in French-speaking Switzerland
Réseau Européen des Sites Casadéens
Brochure of the Tourist Office in Bonifacio
L'Office Municipal de Tourisme de Bonifacio
Comoara din satele Transilvaniei
The treasure of Transylvania villages

How can we preserve the heritage and authenticity of the villages
A merchant’s walk
Town walk in the Hanseatic Town of Zwolle
Hanze Steden
Dimitrovgrad: history under a sign: the first socialist town!
A brochure about the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad
Municipality Dimitrovgrad, Historical Museum
The Editorial of the Heritage in Savoy
December 2011, N° 28
Conseil Général de la Savoie
A Bridge to Freedom – The Symbol of Franco-American friendship
1789-2009 Tribute to Thomas Jefferson

A Bridge to Freedom was born from an urgent desire to redefine the meaning of Liberty.
Les Ponts du Coeur
Primarii sustin conservarea satelor si promoveaza ofertele turistice
Deputy mayors sustain the conservation of villages and promote tourist offers

A book on rural tourism in Europe and Romania
N° 2, February 2012
Province de Liège
The 30th Festival of <I>Périgord Noir</I>
30 years, between dreams and passion
Carte blanche
First World War Centenary
“The Great War – Real historiesâ€? project aims to put together personal and private stories and documents about this European tragedy and present them on Europeana digital library.
Program – 2012 Season
Evaluation of the economic importance of the “Memory tourismâ€? line
Survey conducted in France
Taking stock of reality, taking responsibility for reality and taking charge of reality
A Samaritan roadmap toward another possible world
José Laguna
The White Book Tome 1
Definition of the Odyssea model

Contribution for a model, interactive, considered, ethical and competitive tourism
A short guide of the Romanian cultural sector
A short guide of the Romanian cultural sector
Association ECUMEST
Neolithic Attica
Neolithic Attica written by Maria Pantelidou Gofas
Maria Pantelidou Gofas
The Monocle Denmark Survey
Global affairs magazine Monocle launches the Denmark Survey as part of its December/January issue.
Monocle Magazine
L’Art Même N° 53
4th trimester 2011
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Archaeoseismicity and vulnerability
Congress: Developed site and society heritage : proceedings of the VIth and VIIth Meeting of the APS* Groupe, Perpignan, conducted by Agnès Levret
Groupe APS
Compostella – Rivista del Centro Italiano di Studi Compostellani
N° 33/ 2012
Centro Italiano di Studi Compostellani
Archaeoseismicity and historical seismicity
Congress: Contribution to the knowledge of risk and its definition: proceedings of the Vth Meeting of the APS* Groupe, Perpignan, conducted by Rémy Marichal
Groupe APS