Route of the fortified towns of the Greater Region


Located in the heart of Europe, the region between France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg was long the theater of bitter military struggle. Today this transnational space called "Greater Region" has turned into a remarkable example of economic and cultural exchanges. The fortresses are the most telling witnesses of this past of war and peace. Few other regions have as many fortresses dating from all periods of the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. The route of fortified towns shows this amazing architectural and cultural heritage.

The 12 sites that are part - namely Bitche, Homburg, Longwy, Luxembourg, Marsal, Montmédy, Rodemack, Saarlouis, Sierck-les-Bains, Simserhof, Thionville and Toul - fit in exceptional natural landscapes. Haughty citadels, spectacular bastions, impregnable forts, mysterious undergrounds ... you can discover all the richness of fortified architecture. However, the route is not only a tourist trip. It encourages the former antagonists to meet in dialogue and cooperation. Formerly the fortresses were sentinels along the borders contributing to consolidate territorial fragmentation into nation states. Today it is a common European heritage that promotes cultural and tourist exchange beyond borders that fade.